A downloadable game for Windows

A game made for Global Game Jam 2017

Stumble Gumble is an arcade defense game where timing is essential. The player controls the four Infinity Cookies of Q, W, E, and R. Using these cookies sends a small shock wave on a designated track. The goal is to prevent the denizens of Gumbledon from escaping the kingdom by using the Infinity Cookies to knock them out.

Full Story:

It was a peaceful day in the kingdom of Gumbledom. Until one morning, an evil dictator by the name of Kookiene poisoned the kingdom's milk supply, driving the locals mad. Terrified of this event, you- wielder of the 4 Infinity Cookies must use your gifts to save the kingdom. With the Cookie of Q, W, E, and R, you summon the 4 Horsemen of Glucose to protect yourself from the corrupted villagers. You must use your gift to render the troubled villagers unconscious! Make sure they do not cause trouble!


Dyle Ouano - Programmer

Clint Cagang - Artist

Silverio Reynoso - Artist


StumbleGumble_v1.1.rar 18 MB

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